Profit & Value Strategies

Get a second opinion

I'm an independent expert with a great track record

Emile Nols, Certified Value Builder Advisor. 12 years of strategy, digital sales performance and building teams


Profit & Value Strategies

Reduce or avoid stress and overwhelm, get clarity and peace of mind.

Boost the bottom line and value of your 7-8 figure business.

Statistically proven frameworks and best practices.

We work together in 8-week sprints.

Get a second opinion

I'm an independent expert with a great track record.

Emile Nols, Certified Value Builder Advisor. 
12 years of growth strategy, digital sales performance and building teams.

I scan for overlooked opportunities and quick wins.

Making progress does not always need to be complex or difficult.

In most cases it's about improving on what is working and stopping what is not.

Grow value while decreasing overwhelm.


It only takes 15 minutes
Let's do a short 15 minute discovery call to see if it's a match.  If you like what you are hearing we can continue the call. I will ask you about your current approach.  In 60 minutes or less I decide if I can help and will offer you my services with a full refund guarantee.

I will not waste your time

Of course I can't help everyone. I have a short and effective process to discover if I can book results for you.  
I only work with 7-8 figure business owners that I can clearly help. No results, full refund.


Emile's expert strategic advice has been of great value to the company. Due to his broad multi-sector experience, he quickly sees the bottlenecks and potential quick-win improvements in each business. Emile has a very deep analytical mindset and strong business acumen. Evidence shows he can enhance each business’ growth strategy. He easily communicates with C-level executives. 

Alexander Beerts - Owner, WorkForce NV

Emile's experience and expertise in digital marketing and research has proven to be most valuable for our business, and because of this we will benefit from his input many years into the future. He has helped us build a dynamic in-house marketing team that we are very thankful for.

Gary Neiman - CEO, Bru Textiles Group

I have appreciated Emile's quality of analysis, his expertise and passion for his domain, his availability to explain his analysis and his competence in advising and asking the right questions.

Olivier Fery - Marketing Campaign Analyst, ING Bank

He has achieved great online sales results, successfully recruited and trained local teams and reshaped existing procedures & strategies to better fit digital reality. On top, Emile is a great person to work with. I would not hesitate to hire Emile again.

Quentin Briard - Vice President Sales & Omnichannel, Club Med

Emile is an incredibly talented digital marketer. His technical knowledge and problem solving skills have made working with him a pleasure. Emile brings youthful innovation to legacy challenges. He's the type of professional that makes working on projects a delight

Stephenie Rodriguez - Founder, Mighty Media Group


Smarter, not harder.